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Dixon Z-Drive Transaxle Running Adjustment Procedure

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Dixon Illustrated Parts Diagrams

Running Adjustments
Estimated Time Required: 30 minutes

Tools Required:
(1) 9/16" combination wrench
(1) 1/2" combination wrench
(1) 7/16" combination wrench
(1) 3/4" combination wrench

  1. Equalize the air pressure in the rear tires to specified levels.

    Establish "True" Neutral

    During bench adjustments, "bench" neutral was established.  The purpose of establishing "true" neutral is to compensate for the weight of the levers and other parts.

  2. Gently rotate the control levers from the drive position into the neutral slots.  The levers should enter the slots without having to be pushed forward or pulled backward to line them up with their neutral slots.  If either lever must be pushed or pulled, the ball joint on that side must be adjusted.  Loosen the jam nut on the ball joint assembly, and turn the ball joint collar until the lever rotates freely into their slot.  Retighten the jam nut.

  3. Start the mower and move the control levers to the drive position.  See if the mower "creeps" either forward or backward.  If it does, the neutral spring assemblies must be adjusted to prevent creep.  If the left discup is dragging, adjust the left neutral spring assembly by turning the top nut clockwise or counter clockwise as needed.  If the right discup is dragging, adjust the right assembly.

  4. If adjustment of the neutral spring assemblies was necessary, it will be necessary to readjust the levers as outlined in step 2 above.

  5. Continue this procedure until:

    - The levers rotate freely into and out of their neutral slots.
    - The mower does not creep in any direction.

  6. Drive the mower.  Start slowly and gradually "stroke" the levers all the way forward while noting how the mower performs.  If the mower is pulling only in the full forward position, adjust the lever stops located at the base of the control levers.

  7. If the mower is pulling either to the left or right through any portion of the lever stroke, follow the procedures listed below.

    - Stop and shut off the mower
    - Rotate the levers into drive position.
    - Raise the seat to gain access to the transaxle.
    - Loosen the 7/16" nuts on the top of each rubber spring assembly.
    - Turn the 3/4" jam nuts atop the rubber spring assemblies.  If the left side of the
      mower is slow, turn the left jam  nuts counterclockwise to speed up the left side.
      If the right side is slow, turn the jam nuts clockwise to speed up
      that side.  Reverse these actions to slow either side down as needed.
    - Check neutral, and adjust the top neutral nut, as needed.
    - Ensure that the control levers rotate freely in and out of their slots.  Refer to step 2
      above if necessary.

    - Drive the mower again, and continue these steps until the mower drives in a
      straight line at mowing speed or 1/2 to 3/4 lever stroke.

    - Tighten the 7/16" lock nuts on top of each rubber spring assembly after all
      adjustments are completed.

  8. If the mower does not respond to the above adjustments, the rubber spring mount pre-load is probably too tight and will need to be readjusted as covered in Bench Adjustment Procedures.


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