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Landpride Gator Blades

Gator Mulcher Blades

Landpride Gator Mulching Blades

Gator blades unique has revolutionized the way blades mulch grass clippings.  The angle of the Gator Blades teeth redirects the air flow to keep the clipping directly in front of the cutting edge.  The longer the clippings remain in front of the cutting edge, the finer the size of the clipping.  The result - LESS Bagging!  LESS Raking! QUICKER Decomposition!

How to Measure a Lawn Mower Blade

We carry a large selection of Landpride Gator Blades.  The following are the most popular Landpride Gator Blades.  If you do not see the Landpride Gator Blade you need,  please complete the Lawn Mower Parts Request Form and we will be happy to assist you.

G3 Gator Blades: G3 blades are designed for smaller engine units. The lower lift on these blades make it a great choice for sandy or abrasive conditions.

G5 Gator Blades: G5 blades provide an optimum combination for a wide range of mower units. Features a high-lift contour as well as two additional, premium features to improve performance and retain blade sharpness.

G6 Gator Blades: G6 Heavy-duty blades are designed for commercial applications and to withstand punishing conditions, while offering the full-range of features that make Gator series blades unique.


Application Replaces Original Part No Length Center Hole Outer Hole Outer Holes Center to Center Width/ Thickness Order

* Blades sold separately

Gator Blades
3 required for 60" Landpride 890-171C 20-15/16" 1" N/A N/A 2.50/.203
Part No: 91-927
OREGON 91-927 Replaced By WALBRO 96-627

Price: $25.95

3 required for 72" cut Landpride 890-172C 24 29/32" 1" N/A N/A 2.50/.250
Part No: 91-928
OREGON 91-928 Replaced By OREGON 96-728

Price: $32.95