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Kohler Engine Parts

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Kohler Front Drive Parts

Kohler Parts
We are an Authorized Kohler dealer carrying a large selection of Kohler Front Drive Parts.  The following are the most commonly used Kohler Front Drive Parts.  If you do not see the Kohler Front Drive Part you need,  please complete the Lawn Mower Parts Request Form and we will be happy to assist you.


Front Drive Shafts

Required Hardware

  • K582 (4) X-159-2 Screw
  • M8 (3) X-132-4 Screw
  • M10-20 (4) X-159-2 Screw
  • CH11-15 (2) X-22-2 Washer, (2) M-1053030 Screw
  • CH18-25 (4) M-839025 Screw (Included in -755 kits)
  • TH16-18 (4) M-839025 Screw
FRONT DRIVES (Dimensions in inches)
A B C D E Hardware Required D & T Model * Order
2.81 1.56 .075 .188 2.188 See Above   M8
Part No: 4875535-S
Internet Price: $75.95

4.66 2.53 1.0 .25 3.0 See Above 3/8-16 M10-20, CH11-15, TH16-18
Part No: 5214419-S
Internet Price: $209.95

3.48 1.44 1.0 .25 3.0 See Above 3/8-16 M10-20, CH11-15, TH16-18
Part No: 235954-S
Internet Price: $229.95

4.66 2.41 1.125   3.0 See Above   M10-20, CH11-15, TH16-18
Part No: 237350-S
Internet Price: $193.95

3.88 1.75 1.125 .25 3.0 See Above 7/16-20 M10-20, CH11-15, TH16-18
Part No: 4714401-S

No Longer Available

3.88 1.75 1.0 .25 3.0 See Above 7/16-20 M10-20, CH11-15, TH16-18
Part No: 4714409-S
Internet Price: $296.95

3.80 1.80 1.0 .25WD 3.0 See Above   M10-20, CH11-15, TH16-18
Part No: 5214407-S
Internet Price: $301.95

7.00 1.44 1.0 .25 3.0 See Above 3/8-16 CH18-25, TH16-18
Part No: 2475505-S
Internet Price: $106.95

7.00 1.76 1.0 .25 3.0 See Above 7/16-20 CH18-25, TH16-18
Part No: 2475506-S
Internet Price: $91.95

7.00 1.80 1.0 .25 3.0 See Above   CH18-25, TH16-18
Part No: 2475507-S
Internet Price: $91.95

7.00 2.53 1.0 .25 3.0 See Above 3/8-16 CH18-25, TH16-18
Part No: 2475508-S
Internet Price: $91.95

6.40 2.53 1.0 .25 3.0 See Above 3/8-16 CH18-25, TH16-18
Part No: 2414413-S
Internet Price: $69.95

5.35 2.53 1.0 .25 3.0 See Above   CH18-25, TH16-18
Part No: 2414416-S
Internet Price: $114.95

4.00 1.93 0.7** .188WD 3.0 See Above   CH18-25, TH16-18
Part No: 2414417-S
Internet Price: $91.95

6.20 2.60 1.125 .25 3.0 See Above   CH18-25, TH16-18
Part No: 2414422-S
Internet Price: $148.95

4.84 2.82 1.0 .25 3.0 See Above 3/8-16 CH18-25, TH16-18
Part No: 2414423-S
Internet Price: $103.95

5.51 2.17 1.0 .25 3.0 See Above   CH18-25, TH16-18
Part No: 2414425-S
Internet Price: $109.95

5.28 3.07 1.125 .25 3.0 See Above   TH16-18
Part No: 2814405-S
Internet Price: $140.95

4.50 3.22 1.125 .25 3.625 See Above 7/16-20 K582
Part No: 4814413-S

No Longer Available

3.875 2.69 1.25*** .156 3.625 See Above 5/16-24 K582
Part No: 4814406-S
Internet Price: $332.95

4.50 3.22 1.25 .25 3.625 See Above   K582
Part No: 277637-S

No Longer Available

* On CH11-15, consult factory.
** Threaded end (3/4-16 UNF-2A)
*** Tapered shaft (3" per foot)
WD = Woodruff Key

When adding front drive, also order grass screen w/hole. If changine from plastic screen to metal, also order blower housing. For CH18-20/CV18-22, order 24 027 28. For CH22-25, order 24 027 29. For CV25, order 24 027 42. Must also order write-on nameplate 41 037 10 if changing blower housing.


FRONT DRIVES (Dimensions in inches)
Type Hole Dia. (In.) Hardware Required
To Attach New Screen
Model Order
Plastic 2.62 25 086 14 Screw, 25 431 01 Sleeve M8
Part No: 4116211-S
Internet Price: $14.95

Plastic 2.27 None M18-20
Part No: 2516203-S
Internet Price: $15.95

Metal 2.50 (4) 47 086 08 Screw, (4) X-25-52 Washer K582
Part No: 4816202-S
Internet Price: $136.95

Plastic 2.56 None CH11-15
Part No: 1216203-S
Internet Price: $6.95

Plastic 1.42 (4) M-639016 Screw, (4) 12 112 01 Spacer CH18-22
Part No: 2416216-S

No Longer Available

Plastic, Hi-Eff. 1.77 None CH18-25, TH16-18
Part No: 2416218-S

Currently Unavailable

Metal*, Flat 1.57 None* CH18-25, TH16-18
Part No: 2416222-S

Currently Unavailable

Metal*, Flat 2.95 None* CH18-25, TH16-18
Part No: 2416223-S

Currently Unavailable

Metal*, Flat 2.46 None* CH18-25, TH16-18
Part No: 2416224-S

Currently Unavailable

* Flat design. If replacing older "crowned" version, also order 54 755 10 Hardware Kit.

Kohler Engines manufactures small engines for riding lawn mowers, garden tractors, walk-behind lawn mowers, concrete construction equipment, outdoor power equipment, welders, pressure washers and other products. 

The beginnings of KOHLER engines can be traced back to 1920, when the KOHLER Automatic Power and Light 1500-watt Model "A" generator set was introduced. Designed to serve rural markets, it delivered 110-volt DC current and was powered by a KOHLER four-cylinder water-cooled cast iron gasoline engine.

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