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Advanced Technology Intl A.1.10.1135 Tact Shotgn Scorpion FldgStk -Mav

Price: $99.95

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Genuine Advanced Technology Intl A.1.10.1135 Tact Shotgn Scorpion FldgStk -Mav


Tactical Shotgun Six Position Side Folding Stock with Scorpion Buttpad and Recoil Grip

- Scorpion Buttpad & Recoil Pistol Grip Absorbs recoil energy
- Recoil impact is absorbed shooting anything from a 3.5 magnum turkey load to a door breaching load can now be done with no pain being transferred to the shooter
- Reduces the challenge to reacquire the target by minimizing the muzzle lift
- Scorpion Recoil System is not affected by chemicals, load size or extreme temperatures
- Removes limitations from spring and piston type recoil suppression system
- 6 Position Collapsible Side Folding Buttstock
- Buttstock Folds to Left Side of Receiver
- May be Fired from Folded Position
- Removable/Adjustable Cheekrest (3/8)
- 3M Industrial Grade Self-Adhesive Soft Touch Cheekrest Pad
- 3M Industrial Grade Self-Adhesive Tactical Shotgun Pad Provides extra comfort when shooting while reducing wear on shooter
- 6 Drop Tube Adapter for Recoil Comfort
- Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer Stock
- Manufactured in the USA
- Limited Lifetime Warranty

Every Tactical Shotgun Stock includes Mounting Hardware and Adapter Kit which allows installation to:

- Mossberg 500/535/590/835, 12 Gauge
- Maverick 88, 12 Gauge
- Winchester 1200/1300, 12 Gauge
- Remington 870, 12 Gauge

Note: Some Minor Modification may be Required.

WEIGHT: 3.35 lbs

MANUFACTURERS NAME: Advanced Technology Intl

"Many thanks for the prompt parts order.  I waited over 4 months for my local repair shop to get the part and they ended up with the wrong one. Next time I will do it myself."

"I will keep your company book-marked and order from you first in the future! Your kind of service is exceptional!"

"Your standard of customer care and swift response has been outstanding, many thanks for your favorable conclusion, it is much appreciated."