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Bore Tech BSVX-2209-00 "V-STIX, .22 Cal - .45 Cal 9"""

Price: $27.95

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"Genuine Bore Tech BSVX-2209-00 V-STIX, .22 Cal - .45 Cal 9"""


"The Bore Tech V-STIX cleaning rods are packed with all the features, quality and performance that you have come to expect from Bore Tech. All Bore Tech V-STIX feature an ergonomically designed, free floating ball bearing handle, an extremely durable, long lasting high performance coating, a caliber specific color coded handle, and a barrel safe brass tip. The V-STIX ergonomically designed ball bearing handle is color coded to provide quick and easy caliber recognition. The advanced handle design is large enough to fit your hand but small enough not to interfere with a rifle stock. All V-STIX have a barrel safe brass tip that eliminates the need for additional adapters when changing between jags and brushes. In addition, all V-STIX utilize an enhanced steel core resulting in a rigid rod that minimizes bow and flex. The steel core is coated with a high performance, uniform covering that is extremely chemically resistant and durable. The coating does not soften allowing bore debris to embed and does not peel or scratch. All these features and legendary Bore Tech quality packaged into an affordable rod. Specifications: - Overall Rod Length: Working Rod Length (In Description) + Handle Length - Handle Material: Polymer - Handle Length: 5"" - Handle Mount to Rod: Free Floating Ball Bearing - Rod Material: Steel - Protective Coating on Rod: Patented High Performance Polymer - Tip Material: Brass Note: Length in description is usable rod length (Length from front of handle to the end of the rod).

WEIGHT: 0.3 lbs


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