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Birchwood Casey Birchwood Casey35828 "MCV-20 Dirty Bird Multi 2"" & 3"""

Price: $8.95

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"Genuine Birchwood Casey 35828 MCV-20 Dirty Bird Multi 2"" & 3"""


Dirty Bird introduces the new Multi-Color Splattering Targets. You get the same super-visible splatter of color upon bullet impact as standard Dirty Bird targets. But Multi-Color Targets give you more: The circles of the bull's-eye each have their own color splatter, so you can tell by the color how close you are to the center!

- Excellent for those with reduced vision capabilities.
- See Bullet holes instantly
- Color appears around each hole upon impact
- Each circle has own color splatter
- 2"" & 3"" Targets
- Indoor/Outdoor Use
- 80 2"" & 20 3"" Targets Per Pack

WEIGHT: 0.6 lbs

MANUFACTURER PART NO: Birchwood Casey35828

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