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Birchwood Casey Birchwood Casey40015 Choke Tube Lube 3/4oz.

Birchwood Casey Birchwood Casey40015 Choke Tube Lube  3/4oz.
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Birchwood Casey Choke Tube Lube 3/4oz. Birchwood Casey40015

Internet Price: $4.95
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Genuine Birchwood Casey 40015 Choke Tube Lube 3/4oz.


Prevents stuck choke tubes caused by corrosion, high stress of steel shot loads, extreme temperatures and pressure from repeated trap and skeet shooting. With-stands heat and prevent seizure even at extreme temperatures up to 2600 degrees Fahrenheit. Provides maximum lubrication against friction and excellent corrosion protection from rain and salt water. Anti-seize lubricating compound guarantees ease in choke tube insertion and removal for all regular and stainless steel tubes. Excels as a universal lubricant and eliminates galling on stainless steel. Excellent for use on muzzleloaders breech plugs and nipples to prevent seizing.

WEIGHT: 0.096 lbs

MANUFACTURER PART NO: Birchwood Casey40015