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6 Point Series Core Performance Features: Like the TenPoint Series, our two 6 Point Series models are built on an equally impressive foundation of core features that mirror most of those in the TenPoint Series. While the Pro Slider and GT Flex are conceptually very different from our original TenPoint Series’ models, it is easy to recognize the gene pool from which they come. - Patented DFI - Complete-Capture Limb-Pocket System - ACUdraw-Ready Verton two-piece stock and fore-grip (Requires hand crank) - Patented UL TriLoc machined aluminum Multi- Position Barrel Assembly - Patented PowerTouch-6 3.5-pound trigger - Power Limb-Tip Caps - PBT Performance Cable Saver - Advanced Quad-Limb Technology - Ambidextrous Automatic Safety - Tunable Synthetic Cable Yokes Defender CLS Crossbow Specs: - FPS: 330 - Draw Weight: 175 L.B. - Kinetic Energy: 101 An innovative fusion between TenPoint Series CLS bow technology and 6 Point Series stock technology, the NEW and potent Defender CLS is fast, lightweight, maneuverable and deadly accurate – the perfect crossbow for those looking to move up to TenPoint’s premium shooting technology at an affordable 6 Point price range. Featuring TenPoint’s Compact Limb System Technology (CLS), an innovative one-piece riser and foot stirrup, 12-inch 175-pound IsoTaper limbs fitted with maximum rotation (MR) cams, and Brownell Ultra-Cam™ string and cables, this bow assembly shoots in excess of 330 fps with a hunter friendly 13.0-inch power stroke and a maneuverable 17.5-inch axle-to-axle span when cocked. Dipped in Mossy Oak Treestand camo, the Defender CLS is a highly functional blend of great balance, precision engineering, and high-end performance. TenPoint’s 3x Pro-View Scope:Calibrated for crossbows that shoot in the 300 fps range, this 20, 30, and 40-yard combo illuminated dot and crosshair configuration is housed in a lightweight seven-inch aluminum tube equipped with fully-coated 3X optics. The dots are positioned at the intersection of each duplex crosshair. Depending on your hunting conditions, you can choose from a non-illuminated black dot or one of two illuminated, colored dots (red or green). A five-position rheostat controls the light intensity and color. 7/8-inch scope mounting rings included. The Original ACUdraw:The Premier Cocking Aid available today, converts even the heaviest draw weight to about five pounds of effort. It draws the bow accurately every time. Unlike other crossbow cocking mechanisms, it is lightweight and has no bulky clamp-on assemblies or hang-on accessories. A belt holster for the ACUdraw crank is included. Package Includes: - TenPoint’s 3X Pro-View Scope. - 7/8-inch Fixed Dovetail Mount. - Deluxe 4- Arrow HX Quiver with instant detach Lever Lock accessory. - Six-pack of TenPoint aluminum arrows equipped with practice points. - TenPoint Wedgie arrow Retention Spring Dampener. - TenPoint Staff Shooter Field Cap. - Owner’s instructional DVD with exciting over-the-shoulder hunts.

WEIGHT: 15.45 lbs


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