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TrimmerTrap DM-1-4 Bull Rider Sulky

List Price: $560.95

Price: $449.95

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TrimmerTrap DM-1-4 Bull Rider caster wheel Sulky


- DURABLE. Single piece wheels with centered hubs, which are welded to the wheel on both sides, have proven much stronger and less troublesome than multi-piece wheels. Tubeless tires can be plugged on hte spot without dissassembly of the wheel to patch and innertube.
- SMOOTH OPERATOR. Casters turn on extra heavy duty 7/8 inch thrust bearings which dramatically reduce friction and assure years of smooth operation.
- STRONG. The critical connection point between the foot platform and the connecting arm is accomplished using a 1&1/8" coupler machined from solid steel.
- FLEXIBLE. Bulit in Roll Limiter allows the sulky to follow ground contours during normal mowing operations, yet prevents the foot platform from rolling all the way over.
- QUICK DISCONNECT. Disconnecting the foot platform from the connecting arm is accomplished by the removal of a single lynch pin, and the heavy duty mounting bracket bolts quickly and easily to mower (inset, top left).


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