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BlackHawk Products Group K97000-C Axiom U/L Rifle Stock Rem700

Price: $212.95

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Genuine BlackHawk Products Group K97000-C Axiom U/L Rifle Stock Rem700


For pain-free accuracy, the Axiom Ultra-Light Rifle Stock combines the benefits of dual recoil-compensation systems with the lightweight resilience of a fiberglass-reinforced forestock. Weighing in at only 2 lbs. 9 oz., this stock delivers remarkable comfort while shooting bolt-action rifles and draws out your rifle's full accuracy potential without the punishing recoil found with most larger calibers.

- Dual recoil-compensation systems deliver maximum recoil reduction
- Rugged, fiberglass-reinforced polymer construction with aluminum pillar bedding
- 11.25 to 15.25 length-of-pull
- Completely free-floated barrel channel fits all barrel diameters
- Fits Remington 700 Short Action

WEIGHT: 4.25 lbs

MANUFACTURERS NAME: BlackHawk Products Group

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