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The ND5 Long Distance Laser Illuminator is the first high powered, hand held laser light built for civilian use. The patented design integrates a state of the art micro Green Laser Pump with a hand controlled Linear Optical Collimator to create the ultimate lighting instrument. One hand, thumb control quickly adjusts laser beam diameter and illumination intensity. The high power laser beam may be collimated down and concentrated to cast an intense, highly visible beam of light able to be seen at distances up to 5 miles for signaling or search and rescue operations. Adjusting the ND5’s collimator more open increases the diameter of the beam to fully illuminate objects up to 400 yards or even a trail for night hiking. The ND5 Laser Locator light utilizes a proprietary 20MW Green Laser which operates at 532NM with a output life of up to 8 hours of continuous use using two, 3V lithium batteries. Green is the easiest light or color for the human eye to see and causes no typical “night blindness” associated with standard or high intensity flash lights. Thus the ND5 provides illumination completely suitable for night work with the least amount of eye adjustment. Specifications: - Precision machined from high tech aluminum - Black matte anodized finish - Fully multi coated optical lens system - Fully O ring sealed for dust and water - Nitrogen charged for anti-fog - Dimensions: 9.75”l x 2.25” dia. x 1.2” dia. tube - Weight: 1.2 lb. - Power supply: 2 cr123a batteries (included) - Battery life: up to 8 hours continuous use - Rotary optical beam collimator- allows quick adjustment of beam diameter and intensity - 532nm laser light frequency- easiest light for the human eye to see (see chart) - Amplified coherent light- most efficient light for long distance illumination - Output power: 20mw - Range: up to 5.0 miles (range might vary in extreme cold weather conditions) - 1 year warranty - Class 2m laser product Included Accessories: - Cleaning kit - 2 CR 123A lithium batteries - Padded case

WEIGHT: 2.45 lbs


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