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NOSLER 24080 6MM CAL .243" 80GRAIN


Ballistic Tip Varmint:Z Go ahead, drive 'em out of that Swift as fast as you can. You won't find any speed limits on these bullets to slow you down. Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint bullets thrive on ultra-high velocity loads. Even if you're loading for a Hornet, Zipper or Bee, these hot little devils will go the distance with spectacular results all the way down to the lowest practical velocity level. Features: - Nestled in the jacket mouth is the streamlined polycarbonate tip, color-coded by caliber. - The Ballistic Tip Varmint's ultra thin jacket mouth assures violent expansion at either end of the velocity scale. - The uniform, gradual thickening of the jacket wall at the bullet's mid-section is designed to keep the Ballistic Tip Varmint together until impact at any velocity. - The heavy jacket base prevents bullet deformation during firing. - Nosler's unique Solid Base boat tail design, combined with the polycarbonate tip, dramatically increases long-range ballistic efficiency. Technical Specifications: 80 Grain Spitzer (Purple Tip) Diameter: .243" Sectional Density: .194 Ballistic Coefficient: .339 *Sectional Density: The ratio of a bullet's weight, in pounds, to the square of its diameter, in inches. *Ballistic Coefficient: The ratio of a bullet's sectional density to its coefficient of form, used to describe the bullet's effectiveness in overcoming air resistance during flight. Note: These are component bullets, not loaded ammunition.

WEIGHT: 1.143 lbs


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