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NOSLER NOSLER29825 366 CAL. 286 GR. FP (PER 25)

Price: $98.95

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NOSLER 29825 366 CAL. 286 GR. FP (PER 25)


Featuring a unique design and homogenous lead-free construction, Nosler Solids deliver devastating penetration with an impressively straight wound channel. Nosler Solids™ provide optimal load versatility with minimal fouling. Nosler Solids™ were also exclusively designed to match the ballistic performance of the legendary Nosler Partition® bullets in the same caliber and weight, resulting in the near identical points of impact for both bullets at the typical hunting ranges. Features: - Flat Nose Design: Reduces deflection off of bone and muscle for deep penetration and an impressively straight wound channel. - Solid Construction: Lead-free core delivers lethal penetration. - Concentric Design: Allows for optimal flight characteristics. Specifications: - Caliber: 9.3mm (.366") - Grain: 286 - Bullet: Nosler Solids, Flat Point - Per 25

WEIGHT: 1.1 lbs


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