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Crosman PG521B GameFace GF5A2, AEG MetlGr -Black

Price: $128.95

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Genuine Crosman PG521B GameFace GF5A2, AEG MetlGr -Black


Achieve strategic success by arming your troops with the professional-grade Game Face™ GF5A2 Airsoft AEG. The sturdy GF5A2 has the authentic look and feel of one of the most widely used government- issue military European sub-machine guns. Squeeze the trigger and the 110-shot, high-capacity magazine reliably cycles the ammo as the metal gear box action blasts out rounds at over 310fps. Capable of an intense rate of fire at 910 rounds per minute in full-auto mode, the GF5A2 lays down suppressed fire that keeps the enemy troops at bay, and delivers a recognizable, but safe, pain-penalty. Whether in close quarter skirmishes or field gaming, the semi-auto mode busts caps and eliminates your target from combat. Manufactured by Classic Army of Hong Kong, the GF5A2 is outfitted with an adjustable hop up system (for extended range shooting), sling attachments, full or semi-auto mode selector, high precision metal gear box, high torque/high speed motor, and a Ni-MH battery and charger.

- Velocity (.12g): 400 fps
- Mechanism: Full or Semi Auto
- Power Source: Electric
- Caliber: 6mm
- Capacity: 100 Airsoft BBs
- Weight: 3.625 lbs
- Front Sight: Post
- Rear Sight: Adjustable
- Safety: Lever

WEIGHT: 8 lbs


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