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The Crusher features the most technical ground blind fabric ever. It is made from a multi-layer, sonic welded fabric. The outer shell is a non-reflective crushed fabric that is sonic welded to a complete blackout interior. The result is a blind that naturally blends in with its surroundings with no shine and natural shadowing. The multi-layers help the blind to be extremely water resistant and scent tight. The black innermost layer eliminates your profile inside the blind. The Double Bull hub system reduces the force required to open the blind by 50%. The newly designed magnesium hub produces a high tension, rock solid framework. As an added benefit the hub is over-molded with rubber to eliminate hand pinch. The Crusher comes with our new Double Bull® Frame Pak. The Frame Pak’s simple hassle free design packs and unpacks your blind in seconds. The Frame Pak converts to a high-back ground chair or ground blind shelf as an added benefit. Features: - Crushed multi-layer fabric creates natural shadowing and blends in with its surroundings. - Fabric is waterproof and scent tight. - Double Bull hub system makes it 50% easier to open. - Includes Double Bull Frame Pak Specifications: - Center Height: Approx. 72 Inches - Shooting Diameter: 360 degrees - Floor Space: 5 Feet by 5 Feet (25 Square Feet) - Weight: Approx. 24 Pounds - Inside Hub to Hub: 76 Inches - “Just-in-Case” Shooting Ports: 4 - (8 Inches Wide by 17 Inches High) - Tie-Downs: 4 Wall; 4 Corner Stake Rings - Color: Ground Swat™ Camouflage - Silent Slide™ Window Adjustment System - 5-Inch Scent/Light Flap Forms Tight Seal to Ground - Four (4) “Just-In-Case” Shooting Ports - Allow Shooting to the Rear of the Blind - Custom Crushed Fabric is Weather-Resistant, Silent, and Won’t Shine - Black Interior Lining - Exclusive Ground Swat Camo Pattern is Designed and Scaled Specifically For Use on Blinds - Four (4) Wall Tie Downs - Four (4) Corner Stakes Rings - Seven-Second Set Up Time - 72-Inch Center Height (Approx.) - Generous 6-Foot-Plus Shooting Diameter - Shoot-Through Netting Allows Arrow Shoot-Through While Camouflaging the Hunter - Durable Fiberglass Framework - Patented Adjustable Framework (Rotating/Locking Hub) - Eliminates Wind Flap

WEIGHT: 30.7 lbs


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