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BRENNEKE SL-122BMM-1205826 BLK MAGIC SHMAG 12GA 2 3/4" 1OZ/5

Price: $14.95

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BRENNEKE SL-122BMM-1205826 BLK MAGIC SHMAG 12GA 2 3/4" 1OZ/5


Black Magic Magnum,12 Gauge, 2 3/4" Barrel: All types Range: Up to 60 yards Game: Medium - Original BRENNEKE Slug "Black Magic" with unique PowerWad - PowerWad results in greater accuracy - Tremendous knockdown power up to 100 yards - Life insurance against dangerous big game and predators at close range - Specially developed CleanSpeed coating reduces lead fouling inside the barrel, and to zero at the muzzle - One of the heaviest slugs on the market (600 grains, 1 oz) - Very accurate: 2" groups at 50 yards and 3" groups at 100 yards with smoothbore barrels Distance: Muzzle, Velocity: 1560 feet/second, Energy: 2375 ft. lbs, Bullet Path: -2.0" Distance: 25 Yards, Velocity: 1306 feet/second, Energy: 1664 ft. lbs, Bullet Path: +0.1" Distance: 50 Yards, Velocity: 1135 feet/second, Energy: 1258 ft. lbs, Bullet Path: +1.2" Distance: 75 Yards, Velocity: 1044 feet/second, Energy: 1063 ft. lbs, Bullet Path: -0.7" Distance: 100 Yards, Velocity: 929 feet/second, Energy: 842 ft. lbs, Bullet Path: -1.4" Optimum distance for sighting in: 70 yards Sold per box (5 rounds)

WEIGHT: 0.55 lbs


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