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SPEER SPEER4215 .38 158 GRAIN GDHP/100

SPEER SPEER4215 .38 158 GRAIN GDHP/100
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SPEER .38 158 GRAIN GDHP/100 SPEER4215

Internet Price: $29.95
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SPEER 4215 .38 158 GRAIN GDHP/100


38/357 Gold Dot HP=Hollow Point Diameter: .357" Weight: 158 Grains Ballistic Coefficient: 0.168 Box Count: 100 Uni-Cor Construction Looking for the best high-performance handgun bullet? Look to Gold Dot. Using Uni-Cor technology, Speer created the first bonded core handgun bullet. Bonding the jacket to the core means Speer has virtually wiped out the main cause of handgun bullet failures-core-jacket separations. The result is high-retained weight for tactical penetration under the toughest conditions. Expansion is important also, so Speer uses a patented two-stage process that creates the hollow point cavity after the jacket is built. The first stage flutes the jacket and core simultaneously, controlling the final diameter of the expanded bullet. The second stage controls the rate of expansion and finishes the pint for smooth feeding. This process gives Speer engineers' very precise control in designing each bullet for optimum performance. Uni-Cor makes Gold dot an accurate bullet, too. The process builds such a uniform jacket that wall thickness variation is nil. Gold Dot was built to meet or exceed stringent law enforcement standards, including the tough barrier tests. Retained weights in bare gelatin are seldom less than 98 percent. Next time you need a premium handgun bullet, call for Gold Dot. Note: These are component bullets, not loaded ammunition.

WEIGHT: 2.2 lbs