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Dixon Z-Drive Transaxle Disassembly

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Discup Replacement
Estimated Time Required: 23 minutes

Tools Required:
(1) 15/16" wrench or 15/16" socket with ratchet drive
(1) 1/2" wrench or 1/2" socket with ratchet drive
(1) Torque wrench calibrated in ft/lbs
(1) Loctite Anti-Sieze

Note: A bench vise is not required but helpful if used carefully.


Figure 52

Figure 53

Cradle Assembly PN 5330 superceded to 539116031
(1) Cradle PN 5322 superceded to 539116024
(2) Discup PN 5329 superceded to 539119543
(3) Locknut PN 3388 superceded to 539115670
(4) Sprocket PN 8413 superceded to 539116885
(5) Long Key PN 5070 superceded to 539115950
(6) Bearings PN 5343 superceded to 539116040
(7) Spacers PN 5068 superceded to 539115948
(8) Discup Shaft PN 5332 superceded to 539116033

Disassembly of the Discup Unit


Figure 54

1. Place cradle into bench vice, using the front (neutral spring arm) end.
2. Using a 15/16" wrench or socket, remove the discup lock nut.

Figure 55

3. If a set bolt is present, use a 1/2" wrench or socket to remove the set bolt.

Figure 56

4. Slide the shaft out of the discup and cradle.
5. Remove the bearings and spacers from the cradle.
6. Inspect the bearings and spacers for wear, damage, etc.

Figure 57

7. Inspect the roller and pin for smooth operation.
  NOTE: The roller and pin are not a tight fit, but they must not bind when turned.

Figure 58

8. Inspect the pivot bolt and bushings for wear and damage.

Figure 59

9. Inspect the discup for wear, cracks, rough spots on wear surfaces, etc.

Figure 60

10. Inspect the sprocket for wear.
11. Replace any defective parts.

Reassembly of the Discup Assembly

1. Coat the shaft with Loctite Anti-Seize
2. Place/press the bearings into the cradle.

Figure 61

3. Slide the shaft through the inner bearing and inner spacer in the cradle.

Figure 62

4. Place the key into the discup keyway.

Figure 63

5. Slide the discup shaft through the discup, outer spacer and

Figure 64

6. Slide the sprocket onto the shaft and align the keyways in the shaft and sprocket.  Insert the key into the aligned keyways.
  NOTE: The keys used for the discup and sprocket (PN 5070 superceded to 539115950) are interchangeable.
7. Screw the lock nut onto the shaft and torque to 50 ft/lbs.

Figure 65

  NOTE: Lock nuts with a complete nylon inner ring may be used.  Lock nuts with single nylon button should be replaced.