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Dixon Z-Drive Transaxle Disassembly

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Transaxle Installation
Estimated Time Required: 25 minutes

Tools Required:
(1) 7/16" combination wrench
(1) 9/16" combination wrench
(2) 3/4" combination wrench
(1) 11/16" combination wrench
(1) 9/16" socket
(1) 12" socket drive extension
(1) ratchet drive
(1) shop hammer
(1) mechanics punch (drift)
(1) needle nose pliers or spring hook

Figure 96

1. Place transaxle into chassis

Figure 97

2. Attach drive chains to transaxle.

Figure 98

3. Using a 9/16" socket, 12" extension, and ratchet, re-install the four bolts that secure the transaxle to the chassis.

NOTE: The belt tensioner spring often comes loose during repairs.  Ensure that it is reattached.

Figure 99

4. Using a 1/2" socket, 12" extension, and ratchet, re-tighten the belt keeper.  The proper gap between all belt keepers and the belt is 1/8" with the tensioner installed.

Figure 100

5. Reconnect the double ball joints to the transaxle.

Figure 101

6. Reinstall the brake shaft with the roll pins.

Note: The roll pins must be a press fit.  If they are loose, they must be replaced.

Note: On mowers with a one piece brake shaft, it is important to install the roll pin on the right side first, then the left, and finally the two in the center.

Figure 102

7. Re-install the brake shaft linkage.

Figure 103


NOTE: when installing the brake shaft on models with the three piece shaft, ensure that the brake shaft tension spring is installed properly.  The spring often comes loose during repairs and must be re-inserted into the chassis.

8. Re-install the seat using the reverse of the procedures outlined for removing the seat from the mower.

Note: Ensure that the seat switch connector is not pinched by the seat frame or that the wires can not come in contact with moving parts of the transaxle.