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Dixon Z-Drive Transaxle Disassembly

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Reassembly of Transaxle
Estimated Time Required: 12 minutes

Tools Required:
(1) Needle nose pliers or spring hook
(1) 7/32" allen wrench
(1) 9/16" combination wrench

Figure 66

1. Reattach the cradle springs to the cradle.

Figure 67

2. Place the cradle assemblies into the center section.

Figure 68

3. Using a 7/32" allen wrench, screw the pivot bolts far enough into the pivot bolt bushings to hold the cradles in place.

Figure 69

4. Screw each neutral assembly stud into the center section casting until the bottom of the neutral rod assembly is flush with the bottom of the transaxle base plate.

Figure 70

5. Using a 9/16" combination wrench, tighten the lock nut on each neutral assembly.

Figure 71

6. Using needle nose pliers or a spring hook, reattach the cradle springs to the cradle spring holder.

Figure 72

7. Using a 9/16" combination wrench, install the roller plates.  Tighten the top and bottom nuts of the roller plates equally until a slight compression of the rubber tension springs is achieved.