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Go Kart Swing Mount Kits

Go-Kart Parts
Swing Mount Kit
This kit will fit most vehicles with a 1" live axle.  The engine mounting plate allows you a variable angle.  Can be used with two or three hole flangettes.

Go Kart Swing Mount Kit

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Complete Assembly
Part No: AZ1879
Price: $53.95

  Assembly Less Mounting Unit
Part No: AZ1878
Price: $25.95

Swing Mount Components
  Steel Mounting Unit
Part No: AZ8155
Price: $27.95

Bearing with Hub

1"ID Bearings with Hub(2 Required)
Part No: AZ8211
Price: $8.95

2-hole Flangettes

2-hole Flangettes (4 Required)
Part No: AZ8212
Price: $1.95

  Rubber Grommets (2 Required)
Part No: AZ8316
Price: $0.95

  Grommet Washers (2 Required)
Part No: AZ8317
Price: $0.95

  Bolt, 5/16"-18 x 1-3/4"
Part No: AZ8407
Price: $0.95

  Bolts, 5/16"-18 x 3/4" (4 Required)
Part No: AZ8421
Price: $0.95

  Locknuts, 5/16"-18
Part No: AZ8510
Price: $0.95