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Husqvarna 539107183 Flail Reel Kit 22" Less Bearings

Free-swinging flail blades use centrifugal force to efficiently remove matted thatch. This design provides excellent thatch removal and has proven reliability over nearly four decades in the demanding rental equipment environment.

Fits DT22 models
Price: $269.99

HUSQVARNA 539107184 Delta blade reel kit 22" Less Bearings

Ideal for thinning running-stem grasses. Th 12-gauge austempered steel blades have a unique angled position and beveled cutting edges that cut slits in the ground for dethatching, overseeding or aerating slopes and terraces.

Fits DT22 models
Price: $269.95

HUSQVARNA 539107185 Spring Tine reel Kit 22" Less Bearings

Our sprint tines efficiently remove thatch from well manicured lawns. Factory preset at a depth of 1/4", the spring tines can be adjusted to maintain this ideal depth as the tines wear. In additon, individual spring tines can be quickly replaced without removing the reel assembly.

Fits DT22 models
Price: $269.99

HUSQVARNA 539107186 Seeder Kit (SB22)

Turn your incredibly versatile DT22 Power Rake into a seeder with the optional seeder kit.

Fits SB22-DT22 Seeder Box Only
Price: $219.95

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