What is the Jawhorse?
The Jawhorse by Rockwell Tools is an innovative, portable clamping and holding device. It is uniquely designed to hold very large objects down to very small objects with ease. Think of the JawHorse as a bench vise, worktable and set of saw horses combined. The clamping motion is activated with a foot pedal. This makes for a quick and firm hold, while your hands are left free to manipulate the work.

Why does the Jawhorse have only 3 legs?
The 3-leg design of the Jawhorse helps it stay stable on uneven terrain. This is especially helpful when working outdoors or on the job site. If the ground around the work area is extremely rough, or the workpieces are very heavy or longer than about 8 feet, the Jawhorse can be staked down to prevent tipping.

How much does the Jawhorse weigh?

The Jawhorse weighs 43.5 lbs. It can be carried easily using the convenient handle, or it can be rolled from place to place.

How much weight can the Jawhorse hold?
The Jawhorse will support up to 600 pounds of weight.

What is the clamp capacity of the Jawhorse?
The Jawhorse will hold a workpiece up to 37" wide. Capacity can be extended to 52" with the JawHorse Plywood Accessory, available separately.

Of what is the Jawhorse constructed?
The Jawhorse is constructed primarily of heavy-duty steel. The jaw pads and roller wheel are rubber, and some of the knobs and buttons are made of high impact composite material.

What are the dimensions of the Jawhorse when folded?
When folded into the compact storage position, the Jawhorse measures 31" x 14" x 12".

What are the dimensions of the Jawhorse when standing?

When standing, the Jawhorse makes a footprint of 39" x 39", and is 35" tall.

What accessories are available for the Jawhorse?
The Jawhorse lineup includes several accessories that fit right into the existing jaws to make the Jawhorse more versatile and easy to use:

1. Plywood Jaw The attachment increases the clamping capacity from 37" up to 52", enough to hold 4' wide sheet goods.
2. Miter Table Fits almost every miter saw and includes brackets and rollers for both infeed and outfeed support of long pieces.
3. Work Table Holds irregularly shaped items and creates a handy workbench surface.
4. Log Jaw The Log Jaw holds timber and large lumber up to 12" in diameter, for sawing, carving, etc. The Log Jaw includes special clamps to hold a chainsaw so the blade can turn and be sharpened with ease.
5. Welding Jaw The Welding Jaw includes brackets and arms designed to position two workpieces perfectly for welding them together.
6. Saddlebag The Saddlebag attaches to the Jawhorse and holds tools and accessories within easy reach.

What does the Jawhorse warranty cover?
The Rockwell Jawhorse warranty covers parts and workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. It does not cover damage due to misuse or abuse. It does not cover cosmetic deterioration due to use and normal wear. For complete details, please read the warranty in your operator's manual.

Can I use the Jawhorse as a scaffold or platform?

No, never stand on the Jawhorse or use it as a ladder or platform.