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Four point hitch system increases longevity and minimizes wear and tear. Pivot connection point is not only enforced by a lower bracket but also an additional upper support plate thus maximizing the durability of the sulky. These two unique features decrease wobbling, therefore providing the operator with a smoother ride!

Variable storage latch allows the user to stow the sulky in a range of positions depending on the design of the mower. Simply flip the linkage lock with your foot then push the telescopic arm into the stowed position. Then use foot to raise the sulky until it meets the storage latch

Removable wheel cover allows for convenient greasing, inflation of tire and removal of grass build up. Tool free axle allows the user to remove the wheel by simple removing wing nut and sliding axle arm assemble out from unit. Quick and efficient design allows the user to swap tires out in the field without the hassle of tools.

Mower NOT Included
Price: $276.95

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