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Start your childs day with warm, dry and odor free shoes. Dries any childrens footwear sizes 5 child to size 2 youth. Features: - Dries any childrens footwear sizes 5 child to size 2 youth Specifications: - Fits on PEET Dryers: PEE WEE,Original, Wader, Propane, Multi, and Advantage models.
Price: $9.95


This glove extension is made to attach easily to your Peet boot dryer. Ideal for standard size and extended gloves.
Price: $24.95


This 12" extension is made to attach easily to your Peet boot dryer. Great for your taller boots to make sure you get an even drying effect.
Price: $14.95


The Go! PEET Dryer is travel friendly,shoe loving, Bacteria killing and better than ever. The Peet UV helps kill odor causing bacteria while drying thatsoggy pair of shoes or boots. It leave your foot appearel fresh and dry, ready for your next adventure. PEET Dryers are safe for use on footwear and gear made from most any materials: leather, canvas, rubber, vinyl, cloth, plastic and all modern fabrics. The included enhancements are: Health benefitting PEET UV. PEET Safe,while the product now is black instead of white,and now comes standard with a 12 volt car adaptar and a travel carrying pouch is included with every dryer.
Price: $39.95


The Advantage PEET Dryer is one of our latest innovations. It incorporates a variety of features and benefits that put it at the leading edge of footwear and gear dryer technology. PEET Power: The Advantage PEET powers air through the Air Chambers and DryPorts with a fan, to dry gear faster than our traditional natural convection models. The Advantage PEET dries most footwear in 1-3 hours, depending on the saturation of the item. So If you plan to head back to the snow or ice or other extreme conditions after a lunch break, or if you need to dry footwear two pair at a time for a sweaty sports team or a soaked scout troop, the Advantage PEET Dryer is the model to have.
Price: $99.95


The patent-pending SafeKeeping PEET Dryer uses gentle, thermal convection to circulate warm air - ridding humidity in the safe or cabinet. - Manages air to eliminate damaging moisture - Prevents the growth of mold and mildew - Maintains the overall quality of contents
Price: $39.95


The Peet shoe dryer is your answer on how to control wet, sweaty shoes. Now your footwear can be restored to normal overnight-safely, silently and thoroughly-for healthier, more comfortable feet. Peet's thermal convection drying process removes perspiration, wetness and resulting odor from any type of shoe or boot. Plug it in and forget it. Warm air rises naturally to circulate and penetrate a child's rain soaked shoes or even hard-to-dry lined Pac boots. Since Peet does not get hot or blow hot air, all footwear can now be dried without fear of shrinkage or stiffness. Even your valuable leather shoes are free from damaging heat.
Price: $44.95

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