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We carry a large selection of Wenzel products.  The following are the most commonly purchased Wenzel products.

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Specifications: Model#: 36160 Base: 14' x 12' Center height: 84" Eave Height: 70" Door: inverted "T" Style, 2 ea. Frame: steel Carry weight: 22 lbs Pegs: steel Factory pack: 2 Features: - Weather Armor polyester fabric for durability - Enamel coated steel frame is chaincorded for ease of set-up - Durable center hub makes set-up fast and easy - Mesh keeps out even the smallest insects - Six roof sleeves and hexagon styling for excellent stability - Two large, inverted T style doors for easy entry/exit
Price: $162.95


The Mackinaw Screen Gazebo Features: - Central hub snaps into place with no assembly - Telescoping legs, folding elbow joints, and pre-attached walls set up in minutes - Large roll back "D" style doors for easy entry/exit - Guy ropes for added stability in windy conditions - Zippered carry duffel for convenient storage and transportation Specifications: - Base: 15' x 13' - Center Height: 86" - Eave Height: 74" - Area: 150 sq. ft. - Door: "D" style (2) - Frame: Steel - Carry Weight: 23 lbs. - Stakes: Steel

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