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Shindaiwa Trimmer Line

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Shindaiwa Trimmer Line available at LawnMowerPros. We are an Authorized Shindaiwa dealer carrying a large selection of Shindaiwa Trimmer Line ready to ship direct to your door. If you do not see the Trimmer Line you need, please complete the Lawn Mower Parts Request Form and we will be happy to assist you.

How to choose the correct trimmer line:

Match line diameter to the horsepower of your trimmer; the larger the line, the more power you need to rotate it.  Failure to match may cause overheating, clutch failure, or other mechanical problems.  Also note that smaller-diameter lines - .080" and .095" - have higher weld resistance for use with automatic trimmer heads, while larger-diameter lines are more wear-resistant, good where there's a chance of striking solid objects.

Use the following guide:

Line Diameter Model Number
0.080" to 0.095" 22T, 22F, T195s, F195s, T230, T231, C230 and F230
0.095"  T2500, T2510, T260, T261, T270, T272X, C260 and C270
0.105" to .130" T3410X, T350, C350 and B450
0.155" B450 (use only on higher-powered models at the user's discretion)

Grass Attack

Professional Premium Co-Polymer SquareTrimmer Line.
- Green color blends in with grass for a cleaner post-cut finish.
- Square profile for improved cutting performance vs round line.
- Co-polymer blend for maximum durability.
- Available from .080" up to .130".


Professional Premium Co-Polymer Nylon line with a special twist for increased performance and ultra-low noise.
- 10% reduction in high-frequency noise versus round, square, and star-shaped lines.
-Decreased vibration at the trimmer head for smoother cutting.
- Improved engine efficiency for reduced fuel consumption and emissions.
- Increased trimmer head speed compared to round, square, and star-shaped lines.
- Better elongation before trimmer line fracture.


Professional Premium Co-Polymer Round Trimmer Line
- Co-polymer blend for maximum durability.
- Excellent balance of cutting performance, noise and strength.
- Available from .080" up to .155".

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