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Stens 660-401 Vacuum Shredder Bag

Length: 30"
19" W
Vinyl reinforced side to protect from punctures
Heavy Duty carrying strap
Rear dust deflector
Metal zipper
Adjusts to different chute sizes with heavy duty plastic buckle

  • ECHO 99944100205
  • ECHO X692000020
  • STIHL 4229 708 9702
  • and others
  • ECHO ES210, ES211, ES230 and ES231
  • STIHL SH55, SH55-Z, SH56, SH56-D, SH56C, SH56C-ED,SH56C-EZ, SH85, SH85-Z, SH85-DZ, SH86, SH56-D, SH86C, SH86C-ED and SH86C-EZ
  • and others
Previously replaced by ECHO 99944100205 which is No Longer Available
Stens 660-401 Replaced By Echo X692000120

Price: $29.99

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