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Lawn Mower Ignition Testers

We carry a large selection of Lawn Mower Ignition Testers.
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10 Lawn Mower Ignition Testers Found

Briggs And Stratton 19368 Ignition Tester

Used to test all ignition coils except Vanguard 3 L/C gas engines. For the Vanguard 3 L/C gas engines, please see 19400 Spark Tester
Price: $25.99


Special Air Gap of .400" (10 mm) for use on Briggs and Stratton Vanguard 3-cylinder liquid-cooled engines.
Price: $32.99


Allows visual inspection of ignition output
use between coil wire and spark plug
Price: $22.09

Oregon 42-087 Inline Spark Tester

Our #1 Selling Spark Tester
Price: $10.99

STENS 750-018 Ignition Tester

- Designed exclusively for small engine repair
Price: $12.95

Stens 752-329 Inline Spark Tester

- Connect one end to coil, other end to spark plug
- Window allows you to see the amount of spark
Stens 752-329 Replaced By OREGON 42-031

Price: $22.09

Shindaiwa 80262 Inline Spark Tester

This non-adjustable tester is used to determine a spark plugs available spark.
Neon lamp blinks if ignition is functioning.
Will not affect coil output voltage.
Price: $18.99

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