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Used to test all ignition coils except Vanguard 3 L/C gas engines. For the Vanguard 3 L/C gas engines, please see 19400 Spark Tester
Price: $27.95


An improved version of a valuable diagnostic tool. Color coded receptacles hold digital multimeter leads securely while testing. This tool works with any digital multimeter with a milivolt scale.

Have you ever wanted one tool in your toolbox that would make your life so much easier that it would pay for itself after the first couple of uses?

That tool might well be the 19468 DC shunt. The DC shunt is a device that enables the technician to make several electrical tests with only one hook-up to the equipment.

By using the DC shunt, we can test for system draw with the key switch off, system draw with the key switch on, starter peak amp and steady amp draw, and alternator charging.

All of these tests can be done in about 30 seconds taking all the guess work out of the process.
Price: $55.95


Use with 19464 Digital Multimeter for testing AC output on the 19581 PowerLink Stators.
Price: $108.95


400 Amp AC/DC Clamp Style Digital Multi Meter

This Multi-Meter is feature packed and safer to use for amperage testing than standard probe style meters. It can measure the following:
- AC/DC Volt - with a Cat III 600 Volt Safety Rating
- AC/DC Current (Amp)
- Resistance (Ohms)
- Continuity & Diode Testing - With audible signal
- Capacitance & Frequency (Hz) or % Duty Cycle
- Temperature CO or FO (-22 to 572O F/-30 to 300OC)

Comes complete with test leads, type K bead wire thermocouple probe, case, two AAA batteries and instruction booklet
Price: $197.95


Allows visual inspection of ignition output
use between coil wire and spark plug
Price: $22.95


Built-in switch to choose 0-5000 RPM
low scale, or 0-15,000 RPM high scale
RPM readout accurate to within + or - 2%
Solid state electronics.
Zener voltage regulator uses 9-volt battery (not included)
Built-in battery check
For all 2-cycle & 4-cycle single cylinder engines
Price: $176.95

STENS 750-018 Ignition Tester

- Designed exclusively for small engine repair
Price: $12.95

STENS 751-198 Charging System Tester

Bright light emitting diodes will tell exact condition of battery and capability of charging system
Can also be used to check plug-in battery chargers
Checks both 6 and 12 systems
Five voltage ranges
Test once with engine running and a second time with engine off and starter cranking
Price: $82.95


Connect one end to coil, other end to spark plug
Window allows you to see the amount of spark
Price: $19.95

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