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If you're looking for a new engine for your lawn mower or any other power equipment, you may face the situation when it's rather hard to choose an engine or related parts you really require. When it comes to engines and generators for the leading world brands such as Honda, Briggs and Stratton, Stihl and others, Yamakoyo parts may be the best choice for fast and hassle-free replacement. is here to offer you a wide selection of premium-quality Yamakoyo parts and products online including Yamakoyo engines, generators, pressure washers, water pumps, etc. to ensure a long operating life of your machine.

Actually, Yamakoyo parts and accessories are widely known for their top-notch quality, enhanced durability, reliability and cost-efficiency, that's why they are the most popular replacement parts for engines and power equipment of solid world brands. Along with engines and generators, Yamakoyo also produces cylinder head assemblies, short blocks, connecting rods, etc.

Previously available in two models (5.5hp and 6.5hp with standard 3/4" crankshafts) Yamakoyo engines now come in a much more expanded line including engines from 1hp up to 13hp with different crankshaft specifications. For example, Yamakoyo engines with 5/8" threaded crankshaft will ideally fit water pumps, for generator application you can order Yamakoyo engines with tapered crankshafts. We can even provide you with engine models with gear reduction units built in.

In our extensive online catalog of Yamakoyo products you will also be able to find a comprehensive selection of Yamakoyo generators of different series. All these Yamakoyo generators are portable models, suitable for many outdoor activities such as outdoor parties, camping and even fishing. Depending on your specific requirements we can offer you various models from a small 1000 watt generator with a 4-cycle 1.4hp engine to a 8000 watt generator powered by a 15.0 HP Yamakoyo 4-Cycle Engine.

Yamakoyo water pumps include trash pumps, ‘clean water' pumps and high-pressure models with horsepower ranging from 1.0hp up to 9.0hp. As for Yamakoyo pressure washers, they are available with up to 15hp engines and able to give out 4000 PSI.