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STENS 051-682 Lucas Oil Hydraulic Fluid

Universal/55 Gallon Drum
LUCAS OIL: 10038
and others
Size: 55 gallon drum
Meets and exceeds John Deere specifications J20A and Hy-Gard
Priced per drum, sold per drum
Uses our 750-112 Lever-Action Barrel Pump
Price: $866.95

STENS 051-687 Lucas Oil Auto Trans Fluid

Semi-synthetic, 6 Btls/1 Qt
and others
Size: 1 quart bottle
6 bottles per case
Extends transmission life and fluid life
Order 1 to receive 6
Prevents wear and tear
Priced per case, sold per case
Smooth, precise shifting
Price: $47.95

Stens 051-688 Lucas Oil Fuel Treatment Cold

Wther w/Anti-gel 6 Btls/.5 Gal
and others
Size: 1/2 gallon bottle
1/2 gallon bottle treats 250 gallons of diesel fuel
Eliminates fuel gelling problems in the most extreme conditions
For use in diesel engines
Increases fuel mileage and performance
Order 1 to receive 6
Priced per case, sold per case
Six 1/2 gallon bottles per case
Price: $113.95

STENS 051-705 Lucas Oil Karting Oil

Case Of 3, 5 Quart Btls
LUCAS OIL: 10471
Price: $218.95

STENS 051-744 Lucas Oil Sprocket & Chain

Case Of 12 Bottles/4 Oz
LUCAS OIL: 10525
Size: 4 oz.
12 bottles per case
4 oz. bottles
Designed for Go-Karts and other chain drives, Lucas Sprocket & Chain Lube is designed with a specific additive package to prolong the life of sprockets and chains.
Fortified with moly and other dry film lubricants, you can expect less friction at high RPMs for less drag and longer component life.
Price: $59.95

STENS 051-760 Lucas Oil Break-in Oil

SAE 20W-50/5 Gallon Pail
Price: $101.95

STENS 051-761 Lucas Oil Diesel Deep Clean

Case Of 12 Bottles - 16 Oz
Treats up to 30 Gallons of Fuel
Reduces harmful NOx emissions
Removes carbon deposits
Totally eliminates knocking & pinging
Raises mpg and performance
Price: $215.54

STENS 051-763 Lucas Oil Ethanol Fuel Cond.

Size: Twelve 16 fl. oz bottles per case
Developed to specifically address issues associated with using ethanol based fuels
Completely soluble in fuels and will not harm filters
Contains additives to prevent rust and corrosion associated with ethanol fuels
Cleans injectors, valve seats, combustion chambers and other critical fuel components
Contains effective oxidation inhibitors to stabilize fuel and prevent varnish and gum formation inethanol and gasoline
Not recommended for diesel applications
1 oz. treats 5 gallons; 1 bottle treats up to 80 gallons of fuel
Priced per case, sold per case
Order 1 to receive 12 bottles
Price: $119.95

STENS 051-765 Lucas Oil Diesel Deep Clean

Case Of 6 Bottles - 64 Oz
Reduces harmful NOx emissions
Removes carbon deposits
Totally eliminates knocking and pinging
Raises mpg and performance
Price: $359.69


- Size:1 gallon jug
- Works in tube and tubeless tires
- Seals small punctures
- Water soluble
- Includes pump

  • TORO 110-8833
  • and others

Price: $100.95

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