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Lubricants and Chemicals available online from LawnMowerPros. We carry a large selection of Lubricants and Chemicals ready to ship direct to your door. If you do not see the Lubricant or Chemical you need, please complete the Lawn Mower Parts Request Form and we will be happy to assist you.

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- Size:5 gallon bucket
- Works in tube and tubeless tires
- Seals small punctures
- Water soluble
- Uses our 750-030 Tire Sealer Pump

  • TORO 110-8834
  • and others

Price: $258.95

STENS 750-676 Sten Mix Tire Sealer

- Size: 32 fl. oz. bottle
- Works in tube and tubeless tires
- Seals small punctures
- Water soluble

  • TORO 110-8832
  • and others

Price: $30.95


-Size:1 quart bottle
-Extreme pressure formula NLGI grade 2 with temperature ratings from 10 degrees to 500 degrees F
-Water repellent and is especially designed for high speed bearings
-Use in spindles, wheel bearings, chassis lubrication, boat trailers and all ball and roller bearings
-Highly resistant to separation, bleeding and hardening
-Resists water washout
-Protects against wear and corrosion
-Recommended by Gravely for use in their spindle assemblies
-Heavy-duty lithium based grease
-85W140 weight
-GL5 gear lubricant
-Multi-purpose gear oil
-Priced per bottle, sold per bottle
Price: $19.95

STENS 751-412 Silicone - 3 OZ TUBE

- All purpose clear sealant
- Instant gasket maker
- 3 oz. plastic tube
Price: $11.95

STENS 751-697 White Lithium Biobased Grease

Size: 8 oz. tube
Can be used on plastic components
Formulated from USA-grown vegetable oils
Has 4 times the natural lubricity of petroleum
Ideal for general home, shop, automotive, agricultural and industrial applications
Made from renewable US grown vegetable-base stocks that have a naturally higher Viscosity Index
NLGI Grade 2, "LB" Rating
Safe and environmentally friendly
Price: $10.95

STENS 751-763 Stens Bio Grease 14 Oz Tubes

Size: 14 fl. oz. cartridge
10 cartridges per case
Designed for high performance in applications where incidental environmental exposure is a concern
Excellent oxidation stability, corrosion protection and anti-wear protection.
High dropping point, water resistant and has structural stability over a wide range of temperatures
Multi-purpose biodegradable grease
Order as 1 to receive 10
Priced per case, sold per case
Will not harm turf, other plants or animals
Price: $134.95

STENS 752-121 Tire Inflator Sealer

- Seals and inflates tires in seconds
- 14 oz. can

  • AYP 144334
  • Husqvarna 532 14 43-34
  • LESCO 050587
  • and others

Price: $14.95

STENS 752-287 Mo-deck Spray - 11 OZ AEROSOL CAN

- Keeps dirt and grass from sticking to mower decksand snow from sticking to snowthrowers, shovels, plows and other snow equipment
- Easy to apply, just shake and spray
- Polymer spray builds up over time, the more you use it the better it gets
- You will work less and your equipment will run moreefficiently
- 11 fl. oz. aerosol can
Price: $21.95

STENS 752-300 Carburetor & Parts Cleaner

- Four 1 gallon cans per case
- Includes dip basket
- Environmentally friendly
- Priced per case, sold per case
Price: $180.95


200 count box
Blue color
Carry handle
10" x 14" sheets

  • JOHN DEERE TY16353
  • and others

Price: $47.99

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