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Many lawn mower models and various other garden power tools have drives that use multiple pulleys and idlers operating by a clutching action. While being rather specific, this application requires custom-designed belts to use in drives. PIX lawn mower belts come as an obvious choice for such drives, as they feature a specific one-sided rubberized fabric ensuring the perfect clutching action.

Actually, PIX company is one of the world's leading and largest manufacturers of lawn and garden belts of top-notch quality. They feature an incredibly wide, ever-growing range of belts for various possible applications, including lawn mowers, garden tractors, snow blowers, tillers, sprayers, etc., to meet any needs that ordinary homeowners and professional landscapers may have.

In fact, the majority of PIX belts have Kevlar cords featuring unmatched inherent tensile strength, stability, non-extensibility and high resistance to shock loads, repeated reverse flexing and cracking. These Kevlar corded belts, also known in the field as extra-heavy duty belts, have become extremely popular due to their high durability, strength and cost-efficiency. They are made of organic polyaramid fibers that are manufactured using innovative technologies and complex chemical processes.

Due to the double wrap of special fabric, PIX mower belts ensure high wear and tear resistance as well as dramatically reduced slippage while clutching. All items feature a large diameter cord that is impregnated with special compound, which allows to eliminate the need for retensioning.

In such a way, Kevlar corded PIX belts come especially handy in various specific applications with high power transmission level requirements, minimal installation and take-up allowances, critical drives and restricted drive width. If you are interested in getting genuine quality PIX mower belts at a reasonable price, then you are welcome to - your one-stop online supplier of parts and accessories for various lawn and garden power tools from the world's top brands.

We carry a complete line of original PIX belts for any applications you may have. They are available in white, black, brown, grey and blue fabrics and come compatible with all popular brands, such as MTD, Sears, Snapper, Murray and many others. You can order any necessary PIX mower belts just online on our website and get them delivered right to your door in a timely manner.

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