Another Episode of “My $(#*$&B Mower Won’t Start”

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon and you’re getting ready to mow the lawn.

After mowing the lawn you’ll do some work in the garage and end the day with a nice cold beer or six.

Oh yeah!

But something throws off your plans. Your !@#$%^ lawn mower won’t start and there goes nothing.

As you scratch your head trying to figure out what’s wrong, you’re thinking to yourself:

“Great. Is this small engine even worth fixing, rebuilding, or replacing?”

Luckily here at LawnMowerPros, dealing with broken small engines is exactly what we do and what we know.

We’d love to help you by offering a few more in-depth guides and tutorials about small engines.

Would you mind letting us know which of these topics would be the most interesting and useful to you?

Because if it’s not interesting or useful for you, we’re not gonna write it! OK, if we get really bored or drink too much (which seems to happen more often than not) we might, but that’s not our plan.

Just hit reply or leave a comment below and let us know which number(s) (#1, #2, #6, etc.) you would find the most interesting and useful.

1. 10 Common Problems With Small Engines and How To Fix Them.
2. 10 Maintenance Tips That Will Extend The Life Of Your Small Engine.
3. 10 Ways To Determine If a small Engine Is Worth Fixing, Rebuilding, or Replacing.
4. 10 Failures That Will Bring Down Your Small Engine.
5. 10 Ways To Make Your Small Engine Run Smoother And Perform Better.
6. The Ultimate Guide To Troubleshooting Your Small Engine.
7. The Beginner’s Guide to Fuel For Your Small Engine.
8. The Guide To Fixing, Rebuilding, Or Replacing Your Small Engine.


-Jack and Bill

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Jack Hayes

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