CARB Approved Gas Can vs DOT Safety Can Chart

In a recent comment to our Gas Can Requirements article Macon suggests:

Perhaps a creative person could take the info in your article and produce a Table-like chart that portrays the differences, requirements, etc. whe it comes to small (5 gallons or less) fuel cans.

Well Macon, I might not be able to spell half the time but I just happen to be a creative person. So here is a chart showing the different fuel can requirement.

CARB Requirement DOT Requirement OSHA Requirement
5 Gallons or Less YES YES
Flash arresting screen YES  YES
Spring closing lid and spout cover YES YES YES
Safely relieve internal pressure when subjected to fire exposure YES YES
An automatic shut-off stops the fuel flow before the target fuel tank overflows. YES
Automatically closes and seals when removed from the target fuel tank and remains completely closed when not dispensing fuel. YES
Has only one opening for both filling and pouring. YES
Does not exceed a permeation rate of 0.4 grams per gallon per day YES
Warranted for a period of not less than one year against defects in materials and workmanship YES
UL Listed YES  YES


Well, I hope this is what Macon had in mind.

If you have questions or comments about our CARB vs DOT fuel can chart please feel free to leave a comment below or contact us via phone or email.


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