Choosing the right size trimmer line


Believe it or not, not all trimmer line is the same. Though some may say the differences are not significant enough to warrant really caring, your pocket book might disagree. Here’s a quick rundown of the most common sizes of trimmer lines and their intended use:

0.065  is ideal for most light residential work, including normal growth grass and light, brittle weeds such as dandelions. Great for curved shaft trimmers and for touch up trimming.

0.080 is good for Light-medium work. This might include larger lawns with more obstacles or moderate weed growth in ditches or under hedges

0.085 inches – 0.105 are the best selling sizes. Many home owners as well as commercial outfits prefer these diameters for the Medium-heavy work. For residential work, be aware of the potential for damaging saplings, mobile home skirting, lawn statues, etc. The thicker line is intended for more hearty growth, and packs a pretty good whollop!

0.110+ is designed primarily for commercial applications and is perfect for very heavy work. Country ditch weed, forest undergrowth, industrial landscaping, large areas (like golf courses) or areas that contain varied wild growth are what the thicker stuff is designed for. Use caution.

And of course…remember to wear your protective gear.

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