5 Great Tips for Lawn Mower Maintenance

If you want your lawnmower to keep working smoothly, you need a proper lawnmower maintenance routine. Just getting it out of the shed when the season comes and putting it back in there when the mowing season ends is not enough. So what should you do for proper lawn mower maintenance? Here are five tips that can help you maintain your machine:

Check the fuel for lawnmower maintenance

If you think that your mower would work smoothly on stale gas, you are wrong. Stale gas has a very distinct smell and is not good for your machine. At the end of the season, let the engine run until it is out of gas. Or drain out the gas into a can and dispose it off. Gas left in the machine will damage the engine and the carburetor. So never store your lawnmower without draining out the fuel.

Check the engine oil for lawnmower maintenance

Check your manual to find out how often you should change the engine oil. The manual might say change your oil after every 50 hours of operation or it might just ask you to change it annually. Follow the instructions given in your owner’s manual. Before the season begins, make sure to include checking the oil in your lawnmower maintenance schedule. If it looks dirty, change it. If not, continue using it.

Check the air filter for lawnmower maintenance

Your owner manual will also mention something about checking the air filter. The correct air and fuel mixture is necessary for your machine to work efficiently and is an essential step in lawnmower maintenance. So while you are checking your engine oil, also check the air filter. The air filter needs to be clean. If it’s difficult for you to determine whether it is clean or not, just change it. Simply changing the air filter will ensure that a clean air filter is used at the beginning of the season.

Check the spark plug for lawnmower maintenance

Another important part which should be inspected during your annual lawnmower maintenance is the spark plug. If your machine is working smoothly, there is probably no need to change the spark plug. Just clean any black soot or carbon and re-gap it. The gap across which the spark plug jumps is a very important one. Check your owner’s manual to get the measurement of this gap right. The spark plug needs to be fitted properly and the gap needs to be perfectly correct. So make sure that you pay special attention to this factor.

Check the blades for lawnmower maintenance

Mowing your lawn can become a very tiring job, if the blades are not sharp enough. If the blades are dull, you will have to work twice as hard to cut the grass as it is harder to push a dull blade through the grass. Sharp blades, on the other hand, will help you get an even cut, save fuel and even save your time. So before the season begins, make sure to check the blades. If they are dull, just get them sharpened at a local shop. Also make sure that they are balanced. If the blades are not balanced, they will cause the machine to vibrate excessively. So while you are getting the blades sharpened, get them balanced as well.
If you use these five tips for lawnmower maintenance, mowing the grass will definitely become much easier. They will not only help make cutting the grass easier but they will also prolong the life of your lawnmower. So use these tips for maintaining your machine and enjoy your beautiful lawn!

– Jack

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