The High Lift Lawn Mower Blade


You’ve probably heard the terminology before, but you might not be entirely sure exactly what a High Lift Blade is.

Lawn mower blades do two essential things. They cut the grass and they move the clippings.

Many blades are referred to as a standard lift blade. These blades do quite well and are more than adequate for cutting and side discharging grass and grass clippings.

A high lift blade is designed to increase the air flow during the whole “move the grass” process. For the most part, it boils down to the shape or angle of the back side of the blade. Some are shaped much like a fan blade, pushing and pulling more air as it passes.

Some blades have a unique shape or feature that acts like an additional “fin”, such as the Oregon Gator Blade.

Some blades are designed to be converted to a high lift blade by attaching an air lift kit.

So, why would you need a blade like that?

High lift blades are ideal for bagging your grass clippings. If you side discharge, the increased air flow can toss and disburse clippings further.

In addition, high lift blades are (for all intents and purposes) mulching blades (when used on a mower designed for mulching). By blocking the discharge chute and increasing the air flow under the deck, the clippings are tossed through the cutting area more often resulting in finer clippings.

So, there you have it… all the highlights of the high lift blade.

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