How often should I check my mower air filter?

Before we talk about how often to check your mower air filter, I’m going to start by re-emphasizing what I have said many times before.

mower air filter 
When in doubt, check with your outdoor power equipment manufacturer.
If you purchased your mower new, it should have come with a owners manual.
Open it and read it.
Yeah, it is boring.
But it could be the difference between a mower that lasts 1 year and mower that lasts 20 years.
If you purchased your mower used or found it sitting on the side of the road you can most likey still get an owners manual.
Most equipment manufacturers have their old manuals online now.
Go to or and type in your manufacters name followed by the model.
Your chances of finding your owners manual are pretty good.
Way better than your chances of getting struck by lighting.
Having gotten that out of my system, back to our story about small engine air filters.
My personal tried and true method of ensuring that you never have to deal with a clogged air filter in your mower.
Check your air filter every time you mow.
Every time!
I know. I know.
Checking your air filter every time you mow is a pain in the butt.
But not as big of a pain as having to have your engine replaced.
We have gone on and on about the importance of keeping a clean air filter.

Tricks of the Trade: How to Clean an Air Filter

What is a Air filter?

You see the air filter is one of those little out of sight out of mind mower parts.
Forgetting it is easy.
And it makes complete sense.
When the mower works we don’t think about what might be wrong with it.
All we want is to fire the thing up and get the lawn cut as fast as possible so we can get back to drinking beer on the deck.
And we have done it so many times it has become a habit.
Start the mower, cut the grass, put the mower away.
What I’m suggesting is that we learn how to do it a little different way.
We train ourselves to make one little change in our behavior.
And this is it…
Start mower, cut grass, check air filter, put the mower away, drink beer.
You have most likely used your mower three or four times already this season.
I say your air filter needs to be checked every time you mow.
But you say it doesn’t.
Do you wanna bet me $450.00 on it?
Yeah, that is the average cost of replacing an engine in my neck of the woods.
Let’s say, for grins and giggles that a replacement engine for your walk behind mower costs around $300.00 or so.
Labor cost will run you around $100.00 not including shop fees and environmental fees and all that stuff.
So when you are all said and done you will be in for around $450.00 give or take.
If you continue to use your mower with a dirty air filter you are going to end up paying the price.
Either you will pay to replace the engine or buy a new mower.
Why? Scroll on back up and read “What is an air filter?”.
You’ll be glad you did.
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How often should I check my mower air filter?
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How often should I check my mower air filter?
Checking your lawn mower air filter on regular basis in important. How important? Learn more in this great article.
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