How to clean your gas grill

Here in Kansas spring is again upon us.  And for us meat eaters spring means grilling time. Nothing says spring like having a cold beer in my hand while I watch my meat cook on the grill.

Great stuff like hamburgers and hot dogs.

Hamburger and Hot Dogs on the Grill


Steak on the grill

And sometimes when the mood is right shish-kabobs.

Shish Kebobs on the grill

But before each grilling season I like to give my grill a nice cleaning.

Steve Sheinkopf over at Yale Appliance and Lighting has written a nice article on gas grill cleaning.

#1 Check for rust.  Like ethanol for small engines rust is the devil of your grill.

#2 Check to see if the grill starts and runs on high for 5 minutes. If it does, you’re good to go. If not, he explains the details of what to do next.

#3 Clean the grates.  No one likes old chunks of chicken stuck to their steak.

Check out How to Clean Your Gas Grill for all the details.


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