I have given a name to my pain and it is the “Sand Bur”


I ain’t talking about the kind your daughter covers the fridge with. I’m talking about those spiny little bastards out in the yard that have robbed you of your dreams of walking barefoot across your lush, green lawn year after year. Their reign of terror has kept your piggy’s under lock and key for long enough! Isn’t it time to escort those things off property and out of your life?

Know your enemy

Cenchrus spinifex, known commonly as the common sandbur or coastal sandbur, is a perennial grass that grows from 5 to 30 inches high in sandy or gravelly terrain.


Coastal sandbur, Field Sandspur, Southern sandbur, Spiny burrgrass, buffelgrass – we know it as the “sticker” and it originated when the devil started dumping his grass clippings on Earth.

If you’re as fed up with this prickly pest as I am, then its time to re-claim your lawn. So, stand up, shoulders back, chin up and declare with a loud, resounding voice “Shut up Stickers!”

Here’s what we know…

“Don’t touch me!”

The sticker really likes elbow room. With a shallow root base, the sticker cannot compete with a thick, healthy lawn. In record time, your bluegrass will choke it out like a Mormon at a Metallica concert. Anything that promotes quick, healthy growth of your grass will work to combat the sticker.

They ain’t got no heart

The sticker has a shallow root system which makes manually removing the little buggers fairly easy. Of course, so would a flame thrower, but I’m guessing there might be some kind of permit issues to cover before you take that approach. (Editors note: We at Lawnmowerpros.com do not encourage the use of surplus weaponry for weed control).  If you’ve decided to take the time to pull them up, make sure to bag them. Otherwise, you’re just setting up the guest room for next summers visit.

Rain on their parade!

Stickers prefer a hot, dry climate. Frequent watering will discourage the sandbur from growing and will encourage the healthy, non-pain inducing part of your grass to crowd that unwanted invader from the premises.

But they’re clever…

The stickers themselves are actually seeds, with sharp little spines that serve two purposes: they protect the seeds from being eaten while providing one of the most effective hitch hiking systems in nature. So when you yank that thing out of your sock, don’t toss it back on the ground. That’s like farting in a feather factory…it’s just going to send those things all over the place! Chuck it in the trash can and that’s one less to worry about.


Frequent mowing keeps the growth to a minimum, however it’s important to use a bagger; otherwise you’ll end up dispersing the sandbur seeds all over the place! And that don’t make no kind of sense…kinda like carrying a hat.

Lowering the blade and cutting the grass low will allow water to reach the root system quicker, encouraging faster, thicker growth of healthy grass and discouraging sand bur growth by hacking it into pieces! HA!

This cake just needs some icing.

Using a good pre-emergent herbicide will keep any remaining seeds from germinating but herbicides only last so long, so more than one use may be required.

A little patience and a lot of diligence and you’ll be free to go all “hippy dippy”from your mailbox to your mulch pile.

Mind the neighbors! They’ll talk.



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