Opti-Oil 2-Cycle Fuel Mix and the Lawn-Boy Fuel Shut-Off Valve


This last Saturday started off just like any other Saturday for me.  I worked at the shop until after 3 pm helping customers with their power equipment.  Taking in equipment to be repaired, helping customers picking up their repaired equipment, answering the phones and taking internet orders. When I got home I changed my clothes and headed to the garage to grab the old trusty Lawn-Boy and get the yard mowed.

By old trusty Lawn-Boy I mean the 1980’s Commercial Lawn Boy I’ve been using since I was a teenager.  It’s been through a couple of engines and several sets of tires but it’s a true champ.  Over the years I’ve stockpiled enough spare parts for the old Lawn-Boy to keep it running until I’m long gone from this world.

Being a guy who’s spent over half his life in the Outdoor Power Equipment industry you’d think I’d be 100% prepared to mow 100% of the time.  Well I hate to admit it but you’d be 100% wrong.

I pulled the old Lawn-Boy out of the garage and gave her a few pulls and nothing.  Nada, Zilch, Zip.  Not even a spudder.  As in most situations with outdoor power equipment that won’t start the first thing to do is to check for fuel.  I took the gas cap off only to discover it had no fuel.

No fuel?  Why did it have no fuel?  Oh yeah, last year when I went to put her away for the year I realized the fuel shut-off valve on the bottom of the fuel tank was stuck open.  I distinctly remember thinking to myself, “self you need to get a new fuel shut-off valve and fix the old girl right away”.  Now here I stand at the start of the mowing season only to discover the fuel tank is totally empty because some one didn’t replace the failed fuel shut-off valve.

So I didn’t fix the broken fuel shut-off valve last fall and I guess it can wait a few more weeks.  I wanted to get done mowing so I could sit on the deck with a nice refreshing cold one.

So I grab my 2-cycle fuel can and guess what?  Empty….Natz!!!  Ok, I used much more profanity than that but I’ll save that language for when I’m fixing equipment in the shop all alone.

I went to the cabinet to grab another packet of Opti-Oil 2-Cycle fuel mix and mix up a quick batch of 2-cycle fuel.  I open the cabinet door and guess what I find? Nothing.  Who the (insert curse word here) used the last freaking packet of Opti-Oil and didn’t bring more home?  Oh yeah, that idiot would be me.

So at this point I’ve got two choices.  I could run back to the shop and get a few packets of Opti-Oil fuel mix and while I’m there I should probably pick up a new fuel shut-off valve for the old Lawn-Boy.  Makes total sense doesn’t it.

But the cold beer is waiting.  So I hop on the rider and mow the yard.  You’d think someone who spends half their life preaching to people about lawn care equipment maintenance would be a little more prepared.  Well if you did, you’d be dead wrong.  Us folks in the industry know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done but we procrastinate and put things off just like everyone else.

So before you find yourself on a Saturday ready to mow or trim without any 2-cycle fuel mix grab yourself a few packets of Opti-Oil 2-cycle fuel mix in advance.  Purchase Opti-2 2-Cycle Oil.  And if you have an old Lawn-Boy, you should really purchase a new or spare Lawn-Boy fuel shut-off valve.

– Jack

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