Push Mower Buying Guide

How to select a Push Mower Guide

Purchasing a push lawn mower may seem like a daunting task. But selecting the correct type of push mower for your yard will make mowing more of a pleasure and less of a chore for most homeowners.

As a homeowner, you must purchase the most reliable lawn mower that meets your unique mowing needs and falls within your budget. You need to factor in the size of your yard, the number of obstacles or the number of trees to mow around. Apart from that, you also have to understand the limitations of the person in doing the mowing job.

There are simply a ton of lawn mowers that can be purchased on the market. These are specifically designed in meeting a lot of your lawn mowing needs. And remember that a particular mower may be entirely perfect for you but not for your neighbor or your neighbors sister.

For you to be able to select a push mower that best meets your needs, take a closer look at the following choices below.

Self-Propelled Mower

Even though conventional push mower may seem a good choice for a small acre of yard, this may not do its job on a bigger yard and hilly terrain. This is even your best choice if you are interested in mowing with only a little effort. Below are the choices for you to consider.

  • Front Wheel Drive (FWD) mowers are a perfect option for a level terrain.
  • All-wheel drive models provide you the power to to all four wheels. These simply give you the most benefits in hilly and level yards.
  • Real-wheel drive (RWD) – This mainly offers more traction right at the core of the mower. You can make use of this in mowing a hilly terrain.

Gas Push Mower

Gas Pump Cartoon

A gas push mower is simply the best and most popular choice among all homeowners. This is especially for those who have lawns in different sizes. With their cutting widths that range from twenty to twenty-two inches, you can just choose anything you want from it. You can also specifically find the best model that complements the size of your yard.

Better yet, choose between a self-propelled and push model. The best thing about the gas push mower is that it fits to small-sized yard. Most of the gas lawn mowers also come with rear bags. These simply allow you to dispose grass the easier way. There are reputable stores to find leaf and lawn bags. You may also purchase for composters that help you dispose all your waste and clippings.

By simply maintaining your gas lawn mower, this helps it in running efficiently. This also mainly requires an air filter. Even the right level of oil must be placed on it. This way, it can operate properly. Its blade may later become dull. Thus, you need to take good care of it.

Electric Push Mower

Toro Electric Push Mower

An electric push mower is proven to be effective to be used on flat lawns that measure one-third acre or even less. This can be started by the use of a switch. This also runs cleaner and quieter as compared to the gas push mower.

The electric push mower is actually divided into two:

  • Corded Mower: Electric corded push mowers do not require recharging; however, this offers its unlimited runtime. This also demands the use of an extension cord. In using this type of electric mower, following the specifications of manufacturers is a must.
  • Cordless Mower: Cordless electric push mowers feature rechargeable batteries. This also provides you with more mobility as compared to the corded model. Li-on batteries are also known for their high voltages- forty or eighty volts. These will provide you with a longer runtime as compared to the lower-voltage models.

As per the charging time, it usually varies by charger and battery. This can also range from thirty minutes for a quick-charge. For a complete recharge, it may last to two to three hours.

Reel Mowers

Reel Push Mower

If you have a flat and small yard, reel mowers are are a good option to consider. These are mainly relying on the use of power cords, gasoline and batteries. These are truly the best option to consider. These can simply be effective in cleaning the lawns. As per the small cut width, this may mean exertion and time.

When the mower has already been pushed by an operator, the reel now spins against a blade. This usually performs a cutting action that is exactly the same with the scissors. These are truly a good option that give a cleaner and even more precise cut. These are a lot better than the power mowers. These are even popularly known to be quiet and free from emission. Nevertheless, you have to mow for several times using this type. They mainly struggle when mowing grass that is too tall.

Push Mower Maintenance to Consider

Old Rusty ools

In any of the push mower you choose, you need to follow some push mower maintenance tips. This way, it can be kept running longer. Below are some of the tips you need to focus on.

Read the owners manual

Your owners manual will guide your through the proper steps necessary to take good care of your equipment. That way, your equipment will provide years of happy mowing.

Drain the fuel at the end of the mowing season.

According to repair technicians, the gas should be drained completely after the mowing session. You can also simply make use of the fresh gas during the spring season.

Always Check the Oil

You have to check the level of the oil right through the mower. Take a closer look at the oil or floating debris that may seem to appear as dark black. We’ve written a detailed guide on how to change your small engine oil.

Check the Air Filter

A dirty or clogged air filter may only add up stress on your mower. This also burns your gas the inefficient way. The majority of lawn mowers to find on the market have a foam or paper ail filter. You can replace it on an annual basis for it to perform at its best.

Sharpen the Blade

Due to the reason that the blades endure a lot of stress, they must be sharpened completely. Take your lawn mower blade to your local repair shop or sharpen it yourself. We’ve written a detailed guide on how to sharpen a lawn mower blade.

Now, you finally have learned more about the Push Mower Buying Guide including some of the maintenance tips to follow!


Do you have questions or comments about purchasing a push mower?  Feel free to contact us via phone, email or the comments section below.


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