Removing snow with a leaf blower

Park Bench Covered in Snow

I was asked recently to write a little bit about removing snow with a leaf blower. Is it possible? What are the considerations? That kind of stuff. So, here we go…

Will it work?

I’ve heard it does with the lighter, fluffier stuff. Don’t expect it to melt ice and it’s not going to clear away anything even mildly packed (unless your blower is the rear end of a F-16 fighter jet).

With a big enough engine and enough air pressure you might be able to move quite a bit. And the bottom line here is…if it works for you, then great! Go on out there and git on it. I suppose it comes down to the question…is it going to do a good enough job for the time I have to spend out in the cold?

When you blow leaves and dirt, it tends to go in one direction for the most part. And a little loose dirt on the sidewalk doesn’t present a significant slip hazard like a light powdering of snow.

Snow goes everywhere as we can see in this youtube video below (posted by brutmaster). Notice how every time he blows the snow against something, the snow ends up where he’s already cleaned.

On the flip side, we have a video below (posted by toande77) of a well bundled gentleman using a backpack blower to clear a large sidewalk area, and it seems to be getting the job done pretty well. It reveals the hard packed ice below, which can be salted for removal.

So, does it work? Under the right circumstances…yes. But with all equipment, make sure that you’re using it correctly and safely.

And just for fun, let’s take a look at how it’s really done!

Hopefully this “cleared” things up.


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