RIP Dixon Zero Turn Lawn Mowers



So, the word came out officially on August 15, 2014 when the Husqvarna group announced that the entire North American Dixon line was being axed.

As an authorized Dixon dealer, we’ve become rather fond of the silly blue beasts and were saddened to hear of their passing. And, given that Dixon began it’s official birth in Coffeyville Kansas in 1974, we here at Lawnmowerpros (Kansans ourselves) are additionally disheartened.


She’s been a good ol’ gal; stalwart and true. She’s served many an owner to control many an unruly lawn. In good times and bad, the old Dixon has stayed the course, leading the way in consumer zero turn lawn care.

One small problem….the dang thing won’t die!

That z-drive transaxle just keeps churning along, daring us to try and stop it. Cones and discups, sprockets large and small…it just keeps going.

So, the question we’re left with now is…how long will parts and service remain available?

Husqvarna is corporately vague about this, stating…

“Husqvarna Group will continue to process Dixon warranty claims and provide service parts under the Dixon brand for an extended period of time.”

If you have a Dixon, and you’ve had it for more than a few years then you know how much you’ve invested in it. Long and short of it is that Dixon parts ain’t cheap. But it’s been a good mower, and there’s just something about it that makes you want to bite the bullet and pony up another $200 to $300 bucks to get it running right…again and again!

And why not. It reminds us of the time when things were built to repair and built to last! The good old days, right?

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