Snow Thrower Safety

The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) recommends the following safety tips for operating snow removal equipment.

Preventative Maintenance: Make sure your snow blower is in good working order, before the first flakes fall. Change the oil & spark plug. Check belts for damage or wear. Check the auger (always in the “off” position) and adjust any cables. Make sure it starts.

Safety First: Review your owner’s manual. Know your safe handling procedures.

Clear the way: Remove any objects or debris that can be hidden under snow before the snow falls: doormats, sleds, boards, wires, toys, sticks, rocks or other debris.

Use the right fuel: Store fuel properly and buy the type of fuel recommended by your equipment’s manufacturer (for more information on fueling properly see

Dress properly for the job: Wear adequate winter garments and footwear that can handle slippery surfaces. Put on safety glasses, and avoid loose fitting clothing that could get caught in moving parts. Tie back long hair.

Never operate the snow blower without good visibility or light.

Throw Snow Responsibly: Never throw snow toward people or cars. Keep children or pets away from your snow blower when it is operating.

Be careful on slopes and hills.

Turn OFF your snow blower before clearing a clog or repair it. Never put your hands inside the auger or chute.

 If you have an electric powered snow blower, know where your cord is.

Always let someone know when you will be working.

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