Starting a new lawn – Chapter Three

earth-ready-for-planting-lawnFinal preparation is relatively simple, but a little time consuming so bear with me…

Real quick like, go on out to the shed and get the rake, the garden hose and a sprinkler.

We want to take a good look at our work area. Remember, we’re preparing a home for our new grass. Happy grass is growing grass, and considering everything we’ve done so far…the last thing we want to do now is to skimp on the details.

Just look at all that lovely, reconditioned soil. So dark, so rich, so packed with nutrients you could get an apple pregnant by just rolling it across the yard!

Admire how the surface is smooth and free of ruts, cracks, and low areas where water pools. If you’re not sure, break out the old sprinkler and give it five to ten minutes. Even out any irregularities. Rice grows well in a bog. Grass? Not so much.

Satisfied? Good. Let’s just let it settle for a bit and dry out.

If necessary, now is a good time to remove stones, debris or left over flora that may have surfaced during tilling.  We don’t need any obstacles for the grass to contend with and we sure don’t want any of the old stuff to take root and start growing again!

Just like one of them Japanese fellers with the big sand gardens, take your time and rake the area until it is smooth and even. Just like icing a cake!

Remember, we want the soil semi-packed. Too tightly packed and the seed may not root deep enough. Too lose, and your seed can sink into the soft soil and disappear.

A lawn roller would be a good next step, if you can get your hands on one. If not, its the back side of the shovel for you my friend. Gently pat the soil down. When you’re done, your footprints shouldn’t be deeper than half an inch.

The last step is to water the area well. We want the water soaking down about half a foot.

Excited? I am! Cause next time, we’re going to talk about finally planting all that wonderful, expensive SEED!!



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