Top 10 DIY Guides

We have a ton of DIY Guides to help you take care of your lawn and your lawn equipment.

Here are our top 10 DIY guides.

No. 1

How to find model number.  Learn more about how to find model numbers.





No. 2

How to Tune Up a Lawn Mower.  Learn more about how to tune-up a lawn mower.





No. 3

How to measure a lawn mower blade.  Learn more about how to measure a lawn mower blade.





No. 4

How to sharpen a lawn mower blade.  A sharp blade can keep your lawn looking nice and healthy. Learn more about how to sharpen a lawn mower blade.





No. 5

How to measure a lawn mower tire.  Tires get old and wear out.  It’s just a fact of life.  Learn more about how to measure a tire.





No. 6

Did you know your spark plug is telling a story?  Learn more about how to read a spark plug.





No. 7

Does your belt keep slipping off your machine? Learn more about how to trouble shoot a lawn mower belt.





No. 8

Want to look like a bad ass while mowing your lawn? All your neighbors will be jealous. Learn more about how to install wheelies tractor covers.





No. 9

Does your chainsaw run great but smoke like a chimney? You probably used too much oil mix. Check out our fuel oil mix chart to learn the proper ratios of fuel and oil for your 2-cycle equipment.





No. 10

Does your old cone drive Dixon go in circles no matter where you point the sticks? Learn more about Dixon Transaxle Adjustment. It’s a time consuming project but you will be so proud of yourself when you are done and your Dixon is driving right again.






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