What is a Power Broom?

What in the world is that? It’s a Power Broom.

The crazy thing looks like a trimmer, but it has brushes on the end.

It’s called a Power Broom. It’s kind of the platypus of the lawn equipment kingdom and here is what it does.

A power broom is used to clear sand, dirt, leaves and most types of debris from large areas in a short period of time. The motorized unit turns the brushes or drums at a high speed, essentially throwing the debris like a broom would; only much faster and much further. Power brooms are a key component for many professional landscapers.

There are two basic types of attachments for the Power Broom. The nylon brush and the rubber paddle.

There are different types of brushes, based on the width and aggressive nature of the bristles. Some are designed to remove light debris on soft surfaces. This is perfect for wood decks or softer surfaces.

A crimped wire brush can be used for more aggressive sweeping and will easily remove most debris in one sweep. This head is ideal for concrete and stone.

Finally, there are the rubber paddles. These are designed for water displacement and are handy for flooded areas or areas routinely exposed to water or rainfall. The side of a swimming pool would be an ideal place for a Power Broom paddle. The paddles can also be used to remove leaves from grassy areas.

So, there it is. If you have a lot of sweeping and the old whisk broom just isn’t getting it done, take a look at a Power Broom.

Heck…at $550 for the unit and $350 per attachment… you could get two.

And that’s nothing to sweep under the rug.


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